Hackers out of Russia, China, Iran are targeting US election: Microsoft

Hackers have never stopped trying to interfere in US politics, they have only gotten smarter about covering their tracks, researchers from Microsoft disclosed on Thursday. The attacks have only advanced since Russian hackers interfered with the US presidential election in 2016, with attempted hacks now targeting both the Trump and Biden campaigns.  The Continue Reading

Facebook supports for Apple’s privacy changes

Facebook said Wednesday that Apple’s upcoming privacy update could make it tougher for the social network to target some iPhone users with ads on other mobile apps. Facebook offers a service to businesses called the Audience Network, which lets businesses use the social network’s pointing to run ads on thousands of mobile apps. Facebook collects a trove of Continue Reading

Facebook bans one of the largest QAnon groups for violating harassment, hate speech policies

Facebook has removed one of the largest public QAnon groups for violating the company’s policies on misinformation, bullying, hate speech, and harassment, Reuters reported. The group, called Official Q/Qanon had almost 200,000 members, was deleted after numerous posts were taken down. A Facebook spokesperson told Reuters that the company was monitoring other QAnon Continue Reading

Android flaw can be used to hack almost any phone: How to do

If your Android phone can install Google’s May security update, make sure you run the update. A critical vulnerability called Strandhogg 2.0 revealed yesterday (May 26) can be used to “gain access to private SMS messages and photos, steal victims’ login credentials, track GPS movements, make and/or record phone conversations Continue Reading

Google and Tinder under investigation in Europe for privacy practices

The Irish Data Commissioner is investigating whether the two US tech companies are in breach of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Google and Tinder have come under scrutiny in Europe for their privacy practices. The Irish Data Protection Commission has launched two separate probes into whether the companies are in breach of Continue Reading

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