TikTok has disabled QAnon hashtags

Following a Twitter crackdown on thousands of accounts spreading the QAnon conspiracy theory, Chinese-owned social media/video app TikTok has unleashed a crackdown of its own, banning two specific QAnon related hashtags on the service. The QAnon hashtag is no longer searchable using TikTok, alongside another hashtag using a popular QAnon slogan, reports the ABC. QAnon is Continue Reading

Secretary of State using Tik Tok to get students engaged in election

On Jan. 29, Raffensperger announced the “Secure The Vote Tik Tok Voter Education Challenge” through the student ambassador program to create viral content aimed to educate students on Georgia’s new secure paper ballot voting system. “Since taking office, Secretary Raffensperger has worked hard to make Georgia a leader in election Continue Reading

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