Samsung Sero : A Rotating TV

 Samsung Sero. Or Samsung, The Sero, if you’d rather be technical. Aimed at the millennial-laden social-media crowd, it wants to change the way you consume Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more, with an eye-catching party trick – the ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical at the touch of a button. The fact that Samsung provides instructions to turn the Sero’s box into a house for your cat, is merely an added bonus.

At £1,600 for just 43 inches of screen, however, you’re definitely paying a premium for that fancy swivelling action. As an older millennial and heavily addicted TikTok user, I approached the Sero with a mix of trepidation and cautious optimism

Angled back, with soft-touch material at its base covering the speakers, Samsung is clearly going for something resembling a futuristic easel. You might think they have nailed it. Others might think it looks like a conference-booth display welcoming you to browse the latest innovations in garden furniture. It is certainly polarising.

The Sero’s default state is in this vertical form which, coupled with its in-built screensavers consisting of picturesque scenes, posters or various clock faces, aims to make it appear to be anything other than a spinning telly.

While the Sero’s 43in display is on the small side for a TV, its vertical orientation means that your handset’s screen is blown up to gargantuan proportions. The equivalent size of mirroring to a regular 55- or even 65-inch TV would still be far, far smaller, as you’re limited by a traditional screen’s height.

As a regular TV, the Sero’s 4K QLED display performs well. Bright, punchy colours, combined with decent black levels and contrast make for a pleasant viewing experience. Its smaller size, coupled with that resolution ensures that content is pin-sharp, too.

The screen orientation button is obviously one of the major differences, alongside the portrait mode menu which allows you to set different pictures and posters as a screensaver. If you’re using the Sero as a Bluetooth speaker, you can also select from a few different equaliser screensavers that react to the music, which is a nice touch.

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