Android 11 launch date revealed in Google slip-up

The Android 11 beta was open to the public last month, giving users an early look at the features that will be rolling out on Android later this year. Of course, only those of you with eligible devices can download it, and at the moment that’s restricted to Google’s Pixel range – although for the first time, the Pixel and Pixel XL haven’t made the cut; the beta is limited to the Pixel 2 smartphone and newer.

Google has yet to announce a roll-out date for the software update, as it’s still early days, but it looks like it let the cat out of the bag on a video it uploaded to its YouTube channel.

The hour and a half video was focused on Google Assistant’s integration into the home using smart devices, but at around 18 minutes in, a slide was spotted titled “Checklist for September 8th Android 11 launch”. 

A video published by Google for Google Assistant – more specifically for the “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit” showed a clue that points to the launch date for Android 11. This launch date may change, and it could very well be pushed back due to delays that’ve cropped up in the last few months due to COVID-19, but chances are pretty good we’ve got a near-lock on this one.

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