Android 11 has a cool notification feature the iPhone should totally steal

  • Android 11 beta features a brand new notification system that splits notifications into three categories, including a group that collects all chat notifications.
  • Called Conversations, the top notifications tab always sits at the top of the notifications screen right under the quick settings menu, giving users instant access to the notifications they’d be looking for most.
  • A similar feature could work well on the iPhone as well and could provide users a better way to manage all the incoming instant messaging updates.

Google quietly released the first Android 11 beta to the public this week, and you can test it out if you own a compatible device. The list is very short, as it includes the Pixel 4 series and older models and the OnePlus 8 devices. OnePlus moved quite fast on this one, and other smartphone makers have confirmed they’ll support Google’s Android 11 public beta, including Oppo and Xiaomi.

Android 11 will focus on “people, controls, and privacy,” but not all of the new features will be immediately apparent to the user. In many ways, Google is refining the Android experience with each release, which is exactly what Apple is doing with iOS. Truth be told, these are already old operating systems that offer distinctive features and share plenty of similarities. New, iconic features are increasingly few and far between.

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