Zoom’s Paying Customers Can Look Forward To Stronger Encryption Features

In the past few months, video calling platform Zoom gained a massive spike in its popularity. Unfortunately for the company, the increase in its popularity placed it under a great deal of scrutiny in which it was quickly discovered that the app had a bunch of privacy and security issues.

The company has since improved on it with the Zoom 5.0 update with the company even acquiring a company that would help boost its encryption service. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that the company has plans to introduce even stronger encryption features, but unfortunately it appears that these new security features will only be available to its paying customers.

While this might be drawing protests from users who rely on the company’s free services, some believe that this might be the right thing to do. According to Jon Callas from the American Civil Liberties Union, making these security features part of its paid service could allow Zoom to discourage users who might be relying on the platform for spam or for other malicious activities.

For those who argue that other services already offer strong encryption even to its free users, as Reuters points out, companies like Facebook and Google already make their money through other services and ads, whereas Zoom pretty much relies on its paid services for revenue.

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