Secretary of State using Tik Tok to get students engaged in election

On Jan. 29, Raffensperger announced the “Secure The Vote Tik Tok Voter Education Challenge” through the student ambassador program to create viral content aimed to educate students on Georgia’s new secure paper ballot voting system.

“Since taking office, Secretary Raffensperger has worked hard to make Georgia a leader in election security and voter access,” Communications Manager for Voter Education Walter Jones said. “While we mainly focused our efforts on leading in access to a secure and verifiable paper ballot, we are honored that Buzzfeed has recognized our efforts to engage young Americans in the electoral process through social media as well,” he said.

Participants will receive student ambassador points for every video they make focusing on the new election system in Georgia and will receive a prize if their submission is chosen as the winning entry.

On Feb. 3, Buzzfeed announced a new effort to recruit “teen ambassadors” to create meaningful conversations about U.S. politics. The teen ambassadors, who’ll likely be enrolled in high school or their freshman year of college, will create at least one video for Instagram stories or Tik Tok per week that is focused around the election or politics with accuracy and news value.

Though participants in the Secretary’s Student Ambassadors are volunteers and receive only program specific points, Buzzfeed’s Teen Ambassadors will be paid a monthly stipend.

“We welcome Buzzfeed’s contribution to engaging younger Americans, and Georgians for that matter, and appreciate their homage to the great work being done down here in Georgia,” said Jones.

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