Protect your account against Key-Loggers

How do you protect your personal data against Key-Logger? You can use a program called Zemana AntiLogger Premium. It offers warning popups when a program attempts to log keystrokes, and they can be blocked or allowed on a per instance, or permanent basis by ticking the “create rule” box. It maintains a log of blocked and allowed sites, which can be edited. It also warns if an attempt is made to inject code into your system.

In addition to Zemana, you can also use KeyScrambler program. It encrypts the data typed by the keyboard and protects your sensitive data from key-logger programs.

Protect your Android Phone from Key-Loggers

Use a keyboard that does not require spyware permissions such as accessing the Internet or microphone or geographical location or sync accounts in the device. Such as AnySoftKeyboard and IndicKeyboard.

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