Tips to protect your accounts in social media sites

  1. Make your password long and consist of at least 20 characters and a mix of letters and large numbers and symbols.
  2. Use an encrypted email (eg proton mail, tutanota). Do not use a temporary email from any site, such as (mailinator, yopmail, maildrop). And do not use fake emails with domain of gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol or any domain of common emails.
  3. Make the email completely different from your name and user name. Also the password.
  4. If you take an account from anyone , change the email and password and revoke the applications access.
  5. When entering social media sites through the browser Always make sure that you enter the correct site and that the site is encrypted at the beginning of the link to the HTTPS and the green mark (it is recommended to type the link by yourself).
  6. Do not allow any unwanted apps to be able to use your account, such as Twitter statistics, Quran, adhkaar, and so on.
  7. Hacker may attack you by mail by sending an email that looks like “from Twitter, Facebook or any other site” and asks for a password change or re-login to the account, be aware of it.

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