Security Tips

  • Use a strong password consisting of 20 characters, numbers and symbols that are difficult to guess
  • Be careful about app permissions and only install applications you need
  • Use secure & encrypted communication applications such as Signal, Threema, Private Conversations only
  • Use encrypted cloud storage services to upload important or personal files and encrypt them better with EDS or Veracrypt and then upload them to the following services Spideroak, Tresorit
  • Beware of using temporary email such as Yopmail and use encrypted email such as Ghostmail, Protonmail, Tutanota
  • Check your Internet connection and check if there is a leak to your IP address or location through
  • Use encrypted voice communication services such as Linphone, Signal, Silent phone and dont use traditional services that violate your privacy such as Snapchat, Facebook and Messenger.
  • Use secure search engines that do not violate your privacy and do not collect information and browsing data such as Disconnect, DuckDuckGo, Orfox and leave the Google search engine.

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